Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday's Woman Wonders


I liked that title. It has me grinning, still.

It's a nostalgic, contented mood I'm in today, even though I am not feeling 100%.

While we are visiting this morning, the background music is from Home Alone. Every time I hear Somewhere In My Memory
I get like this. Nostalgic, remembering when my kids were bustling about my feet; contented, because those memories are comforting. I have awesome kids!

These three trinkets of gold are truly gifts from God!

Okay, so, that's the nostalgic part of my heart this morning. The contented part is from a home that is comforting, even to me. The Lord has enabled me to work really hard this month so that I could begin getting the home holiday-ready. I am so thankful to Him that He is a God who cares! It is just the awesome-est that He does not roll His eyes over one single concern of ours! I love that about Him!!!

Superman is appreciative, too, and made several comments last night. A clean home and a contented wife makes him very happy. It's nice to be appreciated, for sure, but ya know, God has given me a love for the privilege of being wife and mom, and I do happily mill about this place because I'm utterly thankful. Serving one another in love (Galatians 5:13) is a joy when you love your job. (And don't worry if you do not possess a love or hearty gratitude for the love of the job God's given, ask Him. Yep! He's that good to give you the job and the heart to go with it!)

And then, if you need any kind of help in this area, well, there's counsel and wisdom for you! Isaiah 9:6 tells us that Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor, Psalm 119:24 says that the Word is our delight and counselors, and the very Holy Spirit of God guides us into truth and wisdom and is powerful to enable even the most lethargic hearts into action for their home.

So, my title, while I smile at it, didn't end up being the bulk of my blog, as intended. But that's okay. This was another sweet distraction in my ADD brain, one that I liked.

The woman has the unique privilege of doing wonders in her home. The opening of her doors can be a warm embrace, causing the lucky ones who step into the threshold of its love and warmth to be welcomed and hugged and pulled away from the scares and cares of the wearying world. A place of refreshment and acceptance, a place of rest and refreshing, a home filled with love and laughter and companionship and prayer and the Spirit of God. A hospital where wounds of the heart are mended, and fractures of the spirit are stitched up with empathy and care. Oh, the wonders a woman can do in her home... on Wednesday or every other day of the week. What a perfect privilege!

This has always been a delight of my heart. And now, on this Wednesday, I am off to the market. No, not to buy a fat pig, but to get the ingredients to bake my husband some tender loving care. I'm going away with my BFF of 28 years (lucky us!!!)and want to leave his favorite treats so that his heart and tummy will be filled with lots of thoughts that he is loved!

Have fun creating wonders in your home today! :)

"so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children" titus 2:4

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