Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Happy Birthday Eve Giveaway!

How do I love my BIRTHDAY, let me count the ways....

1. Lunches with friends.

2. Surprises that come in the mail, delivering the happiest cheer for birthday girls!

3. Cards filled with sonnets of love, hysterical humor, and many happy words, lined up on the piano.

4. My oldest son BBQing his famous tri tip for the celebratory dinner, with all my
little family -- Superman, Noah, Amy, Tim -- surrounding me like stars in on a
midsummer's night.

5. Being fearfully and wonderfully made. Now, I admit that sometimes that "fearfully" seems to me to be the parts that are frightening to see in the mirror! But!!! It's not about that at all! Our wonderful Creator was forming us into just the person He wanted us to be. All of it for a purpose and His glory. I'm amazed my heart knows how to beat on its own, or that my body has defense organisms to fight off invaders, and the process of watching the healing process when I get cut is astounding. I mean, scabs are such a neat God-performed band-aid!!! Ever think of that, or all the other trillion things that our bodies do... without any of our input or help?

Well, God knows us and it was He who knit us in our mother's womb. You can read all about it in Psalm 139, and I hope you do. It's the BIRTHDAY PSALM! (It is 'cuz I said so.) :)

6 . Carrot Cake.

The list could go on, reaching around the world and tying a huge adorable bow! But, today's not my birthday, only my Birthday Eve. A friend is taking me for a late lunch, and she always showers me with presents, so that is three yummy things right there -- friendship, food, frolicking with birthday wrap, to unwrap my surprises! Can't wait!!!

7. Sharing the "happy"! The standard-sized pillowcase in the photo is what I made (and will teach you when it's not my Birthday Eve) and am going to mail to a happy winner. All you have to do is leave a comment. You can leave a verse, say "Happy Birthday", or tell me about why you love Birthdays. Add to my list.... I will pick the random winner tomorrow evening! Hope you win!!!


Natalie said...

I wrote this for you!!
To write a poem is to look deep in your heart.
When I think of you I wonder where I should start.
My Auntie is funny, bubbly, loving, and a little crazy. :)
She is creative, talented, and always amazing.
She loves from deep within and is always willing to lend a helping hand.
She is compassionate, caring, encouraging, & uplifting.
A true heart for God; she is simply inspiring.
Thank you for all you do and for all you've done.
Now I know the kind of aunt that I want to become.

I love you and happy birthday eve! :)

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Thank you for teaching me to be a good gift-receiver!! Showing joy instead of feeling guilty has made Birthdays even MORE fun!! Happy early Birthday!!!!

an encourager said...

Natalie!!! That made me cry lots of happy-birthday tears. Thank you. I am printing that up and taping it into my Susan Branch Days book!! xoxoxo!

an encourager said...


You're welcome. Shannon taught me, I taught you, you will pass it along to Caris, and Caris will pass it along to.... :)

Sandra said...

A very happy birthday eve to you! I am so glad to hear how special birthdays are for you, have a wonderful one with friends and family.
Your niece wrote the most special poem. What a great Aunt you are!

an encourager said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I agree, that poem Natalie wrote is sweeter than carrot cake!!!

Mummy McTavish said...

MMMmmm, carrot cake, that means cream cheese icing!!!!!! YUMMY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm SOOO glad you love birthdays. I love birthdays too! I hate that as adults we are made to feel we should be embarassed about our birthday or not want a fuss... I'm here until He returns or He takes me home so I'm going to celebrate each year He chooses to give me... and I'll celebrate another year He gave you too! I'll celebrate by eating the chocolate muffins I just blogged about :)

happy birthday girl!

an encourager said...

Thanks for the birthday cheer, from a birthday-loving kindred spirit! Hooray for us to know how to joyously celebrate, no matter our age! Now I must go check out those chocolate muffins!!! My daughter is making my happy carrot cake, and I am pleased as cream cheese that she is!!! My fork is ready!