Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Blog Junkie! Yippee!

It's true! I have become an official Blog Junkie!! And I love it!!!

What's not to love about it (well, okay, except the time it takes...)?

There are GIVEaways, gift ideas, sewing tips, friendships formed, encouraging words, delectable recipes...and OH so much MORE!

This morning, if you aren't busy whipping up some of the dahhhhling pillowcases I taught you yesterday ( fab Christmas gifts ), then head on over to some of these inspiring blogs I visited recently...

Blog Giveaway Contests...
Canton Village
has ONE, TWO, 3, FOUR, FiiiiiiiiiiiVVVVE quilter's-dream prizes. The picture at the top (which I borrowed) is just one of them! Go over there and drool and dream and cross your fingers!

Frenchie & Flea has a very fun giveaway that ENDS TODAY. Hurrry, get over there and see if you can win this from THEM & SUGAR....

Quilt Taffy doesn't exactly know what she will be giving away, so it will be a happy surprise to all of us! Every Thursday she features a giveaway, so mark your calendars!!!

ALSO... if you want some un-spooky treats, then check out THIS and THAT (different blogs on each of those two T words). And don't be scared... some of them are just cute --Candy Corn parfaits, pizzas, and cookies--! So cute you'll want to scream!

We all know what rushes in upon us after the end of October... Christmas thoughts! This little project can be stitched while you sit on your couch, stuffed like a turkey, LOUNGING in your pajamas, after the Thanksgiving feast... The gal over at MADE has a lot of cute ideas.

That's it for today! My birthday is still sweetly hanging on, and I must rush through homemaking so I can be all ready for my birthday Starbucks & Pedicure with my Sister-in-Law!

After today, you might become a blog junkie like me!


Mummy McTavish said...

'aint blog land GREAT! So glad your birthday is still going strong!!!

Continuing to pray for your SIL that the Lord will speak to her heart.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...