Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Messy Room, Messy Mind

This is my room. Mine all mine, and I love it! Mike has his own room, which originally was going to be another "Mine all mine" room. The moment Noah moved out, I cleaned, painted, made a darling ruffly valance for the big windows, and then got to enjoy that room for, oh, about a minute.

Then, as I was sitting admiring it, thinking of alllll the sewing projects I would accomplish in it, the Lord spoke (no, not audibly), "Make this room a surprise for Mike."

What?!!!!!! Did I just do all that work for him? I don't think so. Or....I hadn't thought so, but you know how the Lord's thoughts are not ours. The Lord was thinking that Mike would be blessed with his own room. So, I yanked off the girly valance and made a plaid, manly valance. I put up pictures of fishing boats and stashed all the pink stuff.

After I obeyed God and put all my stuff away, I saw the pure selfishness of my heart. What a messy mind that was only thinking of me, moi, I! Did'nt Mike deserve part of this house? LOL. After all, for all our married lives he has diligently worked to provide us hearth and home. I guess I can share it with him.... :) I'm glad the Lord swept in and cleaned me up!

So, his recliner, and old toss-off from my BFF (cozy darn thing, too), sits in the corner of his room that is catty-corner from where I sit at the computer in my room. It's cute to see him sitting there reading the paper, real homey-like. I'll look over at him and it is one of those "ahhh" moments of contentment. I'll bet ya that God knew this would happen and that my heart would be blessed. God knows everything!!!

I'm happy Mike has his own room. Can you imagine if that room was still mine? You can see in the picture what my room looks like right now...imagine if I had two rooms to do this in?! Ach!

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