Monday, November 17, 2008

The Heavens Declare His Handiwork!

I took this picture while standing in my living room, looking through my dirty window. I really gotta get in there and wash them!!! But not right now, because I gotta write! :)

Do you see the brilliant reddish-orange tree? I can't think of what kind it is but it is one of my favorite trees, and you are looking at the reason why. I told my husband, "They are so gorgeous in the fall, you simply must plant one for me!" And he did, though it's not always that simple to get him to do things for me...

So, I took this picture for you! I wanted you to share in the beauty that I get to gaze upon every single day, that is, till winter comes along and leaves this poor tree naked as a jaybird (are jaybirds really naked????).

When walking last Sunday with my friend and her beautiful, young daughter, we passed by many trees with leaves that were showing off God's handiwork. Lyn said, "Did you know that science can't prove why leaves don't immediately drop after the sap leaves the tree for the winter?" (That might not have been her exact question, but it was something like that.) She said, "I believe that it is because God just wanted to give us a treat, and show off how artistic He is." :) I liked that 'beleaf' of hers!!! Don't you?

Everyday God is out back showing off for my enjoyment, and I love it! His handiwork is perfect!


Natalie said...

I agree! Those are my fave types of trees as well! They are all over the place here in its gorgeous!! I think they don't drop their leaves because its the little reminders like that which show God in the everyday...if that makes sense. I know I think of Him more in the fall because I see His splendor in all of the beauty that he has created for us! :)

an encourager said...

See? Brilliant minds think alike! :)