Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magazines Galore!

Hello, my Bloggerinas!

If there is one thing that hangs over my head, like one of those multi-colored umbrella hats that baseball fans wear to the stadium, it's my endless surplus of magazines! (As you can see. And that's not even all of them!) How crazy is this - I didn't even put an AVON catalog in there. Oh, well. lol

There is never, ever enough time to read them all! So, does this addiction need a cure? Are you like me, and can't resist a cover that beckons you to open its pages?

Afar and Southern Living and Sunset I like because they tell me of faraway places that I can dream about. Those three I like to peruse right before bed.

In the winter, more reading gets done because I'll fill the tub with lots of hot water and bubbles, and sink down till I'm lost in the effervescent clouds, for a long soak with whichever magazine cover makes me the happiest. I like the colorful, matte finishes, like the one that adorn REAL SIMPLE magazines. Which do you like, glossy or matte?

The reason I have so many subscriptions? Lots of kids on the blocks that knock on my door for their school's fundraisers. Or a blog will announce that Amazon is offering $5 subscriptions. Reasons like that. Or, I think I will be inspired, learn to cook, find workout routines, or in-home spa treatments or cures for what ails me. lol (What ails me is not enough hours to read them all!!! And you know that no magazine is going to give you a cure for that!!!)

 You know. Magazines are just fun... When there's time to chime into that fun, that is!

Until a few summer's ago, one of my besties and I would play Scrabble by my pool and that's when I would catch up on all that pile of mags. I'd drag them out there and when it  isn't our turn to try and beat the other, we read all these delish magazines! (She has a pool, too, but mine is very large and we just usually end up here. She says my home is fun and homey and she likes being over here. Lots of people say that; it swells my heart with joy. Just what I prayed for when we built this house. I wanted people to feel welcome and totally comfy being themselves here.)

And so, what has been hanging over my head all summer is finally going to end, because she's back in town and asked if she can come over for fun on Thursday. HECK, YES, I SAY!!!!!! We play Scrabble with our own rules. Everyone rolls their eyes at us and refuses to play with us... Which, is just how we like it - just us two rule-breakers having fun, reading all those magazines!

So, I just answered my own question!

This addiction does not need a cure -- Just more Scrabble games!!!

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