Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Not Quite Christmas...

... This, my Bloggerinas, is it - what goes up, must come down! 

The holidays are fun, but really, aren't they a lot of work? As I made our Thanksgiving feast, I thought about how simple the fare is... yet, it requires so much planning and shopping and cooking and baking and cleaning!

But, it's worth every minute of it (most holidays). Our guests stayed a good long while, eating, laughing, and reminiscing. Don't you love it when your own two hands and one heart make it a delightful, relaxing time for others? I do. It's one of my gifts, I think.

So, now, I am listening to Clay Aiken sing carols and songs that give praise to God. I love the one song on the album that says, "When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God." The song is Mary Did You Know? When Clay sings that line, I answer, "Yes, she did know. She had an angel come and pronounce it and work a miracle in her, remember?"  (Read the first few chapters of Luke.)

And then, I think (and thank) that that Baby, now King of Kings and Lord of Lords, talks to us today.  We are His and He is ours, and, well, it's just amazing! He is amazing!

So, joy to the world, the Lord has come, and is coming again!

Okay, I've said 'hi', and now... back to the taking down of Fall and up with Christmas. Yay!

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Louise said...

Thanks for the reminder to get the jack-o-lantern off the porch! More importantly, thank you for emphasizing the reality behind the season of Christmas.
Your posts are so upbeat...thank you.