Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good For The Heart!

Bloggerinas, do you have a garden?

What do you grow?

If you don't have one, you simply must quit denying yourself the pleasure of walking out into the sunshine (or rain, if it's an autumn/winter garden) and plucking a few fresh delights for your meals. Those in my hand were my Italian pasta's toppings. Better than cherries on ice cream. Oh. Wait! I love cherries on ice cream. Hmmm... let's just say, they are the equivalent, and call it even Steven (uh... lol... which means the same thing; just checking to see if you are paying attention).

Anyhoo, fresh garden veggies are good for the heart, because every time I reached my hand inside those leafy bushes and came out with a tiny treat thank You, Lord! took a flying leap out of my mouth!

First of all, it's late in the season to be getting anything out there at all, and next... God is so creative and smart and generous and wonderful! Yep, thank You, Lord!

Giving thanks makes happy hearts! 
Just try it and see if I'm right!

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