Sunday, September 12, 2010

FUN Exercise!!! It's Possible!

Years ago, Superman and I had a verrry nice stay at the Inn at Morro Bay.


Even though I was a trembling at the thought, and longing to be a game gal, I courageously (that means I was praying a lot) dipped my toe into the faded red kayak, then my knees, and finally sat my bottom down for the ride. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - I loved it!
 Superman suggested we buy me one, so that I could row around the lakes in our area. But.... the cost. Ay yi yi!

However....  :) smile, smile, smile  ----
Big 5 was having a clearance sale today on summer items. 
And there it was, amongst the $5 pool goggles I was looking for --- 
this bad girl... 
(no, not me!, the inflatable kayak-of-sorts)
I'm pointing to my 'gun' cuz that is what is going to power my kayak)
 So.... when we got home, Superman used his handy-dandy compressor and had me kayak inflated in no time. What a fun way to exercise!!!  The pictures he took will be great as 'before' pictures. :) Find something you think is fun, and do it. You don't have to be fast or athletic. Even taking the kids to the park and climbing up the stairs of the slide a few times is fun exercise. Get creative and get going and HAVE FUN!  :)

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Amy :) said...

haha how fun and great exercise mom! That is awesome you got a great deal!