Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Annual, Sweet Gift From Jehovah!

Good morning!!!

I've already been to Winco, where I spent waaaay too much money. The sad thing is that I bought mostly the usual things. Yet... prices soar, up, up and uppppp! And my money flies out of my purse faster than I can say, "Good-bye Mr. Lincoln." I've been reading Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, Volume 5. These sweet Bible stories began to be written in 1954. When I was little our Dr. Clerou had them carefully laid on on the children-sized plastic tables, along with the kids' Highlights magazines. We loved those! All the fun puzzles, mazes, pictures and stories kept us from remembering that we were soon gonna be banged with a needle! Anyhoo, Volume 5 begins with the story of Elijah. There's a picture of him by the Cherith Brook, and up above his head are the obedient ravens, cheerfully dropping down the morning or evening's chow for Elijah. God had told him, "I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there." And it happened just as God had said - of course! Remember that!!! So, my whole point is that if prices keep soaring, I will have to look to other things that soar, like ravens, to feed us! Well, that's really not the point at all, is it? The REAL point is that God knows our needs and can supply them however He wants. For Elijah, it was ravens. For taxes for Jesus and Peter, it was a fish with a tummy of coins. For us, well, it could be anything! Keep your eyes open! :)

No one on this planet gets as sidetracked as I do, surely. It was my sole intention to get on this blog and tell you the story of my Sweet Jehovah. Long ago, and not too far away - in Kingsburg, to be exact, which is 87 miles north of Bakersfield, I did not plant my Sweet Pea seeds, and therefore had none of the fragrant blooms to perfume my home. So, I asked the Lord for some. Sure enough, a friend brought over a bounteous bouquet of them, every color imaginable, and that was the beginning of God supplying my need for those darling flowers. (I know. I could plant them every year, but it seems I almost always forget.)

So, this year, like so many others, I was moaning over the fact that, once again, I let the months of September and October go by without planting my Sweet Pea seeds. Phooey, I thought! Well, Mike wanted me to help him in the garden, and what do you know??? --- a Sweet Pea plant, just one, was growing and had already produced two sweet pink-colored flowers! Clapping my hands with glee and thanks to God for His sweet, annual gift to me, I plucked it off the vine and plopped it in a small glass. Thank YOU, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The point of this story is that God sees allllllll of our needs. Not just physical ones, like chow. He sees the frivolous romantic ones, too - like a longing for flowers!
"And my God will fully supply your every need according to his glorious riches in the Messiah Jesus" (Philippians 4:19). Talk to Him about what your heart is longing for and see what He will answer. :)

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