Sunday, October 05, 2008

So many wonderful sites.

The internet certainly has its share of trash. Like a huge dumpster sitting idle in some dark alley, waiting for a beggar's hand to reach in and relieve it of some of its load, so does the internet offer a lot of trash to those begging for trouble. But, there are a lot of wonderful things to behold and learn from on the net, too.

Right now I am reading a cute blog from Suzanne, the owner of my favorite Bakersfield Quilt Shop. Strawberry Patches is darling-er than darling, and lots of my dollar bills are helping to piece together a blanket of comfort for her nest egg. I just can't say "NO!" to myself when I'm in there; everything is too cute and inspiring! Yesterday I spent waaaaaaay too much. But when the gray clouds became a bed for the blue sky, and the breeze picked up like a ceiling fan, well, I chimed in and reveled in all the fall fun by encircling myself with the quilting magazines and books I bought. Such fun ideas.

Yep! And now it's time to get in there and create some of them! Happy Fall - Liz

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