Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Spaced Out, Oh MY!!

It was crazy! Upon my return from Disneyland, there were three e-mail request: So and So wants to be added as a friend to your myspace. What? Myspace? Do I have a myspace?

And why were they all of a sudden, out of the clear-blue sky, asking at the same time?
It was crazy!

So now, thanks to those two friends and one niece, I resurrected my space on MySpace and am now a crazy space-cadet, if you know what I mean. Even my youngest son got pulled into the space fray when he came over yesterday with his girlfriend. He thought he'd dash in, pick up the sought-after goods, then be back on the merry path to his own life. Wrong.

He knows oh so much, and well, I didn't even remember having a myspace, so you know what I know about it.... Anyhoo, he actually let those fingers of his fly across the keyboard and turn myspace into something fun. I like it. I'm addicted. I'm spacing out, wasting time, having a blast. Oh my!

Since breathing life back into that old space, I've had more friend requests (sorry, Hunkman with Hatchet....I don't know you....delete), and am almost up to ten!

This blogging, spacing (I'm sure there's some hip, cool, rad, ????, name for it, I just haven't learned it yet) is fun! So, what do you think about all this???? Am I too old for such things? Do you have an tips for me? How did you learn it all?


Natalie said...

lol! No you are not too old...its probably referred to blogging more so than spacing...not entirely sure what that is! ;) Anything you need just ask and I will see what I can do! You are doing great! :)

Amy said...

Mom, you are so not too old for Myspace! I'm glad you have somehow miraculously resurrected your space on Myspace. I also agree that Tim did an outstanding job at making it cute! I'll bring your cocoa over soon. Love you!