Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Quilt Revealed! :)

For months I have wanted to show you the quilt I made for my daughter.

However, you know I couldn't, or it would've spoiled the surprise because she does read my blog (great daughter, eh?... one blessed mom!)

The fabric was a surprise gift from a Secret Santa (even today I am still so thankful for that blessing of love), and when Amy saw it, she begged, "Please make me a quilt from this!!!!"  So, she turned the pages of many quilt books from my sewing closet, picked the one you see, and sew I did... with love!  :)

Gosh... and here I sit, once again falling into the habit of blogging over chores. Oh. Me. Oh. My!  Must work and bless Superman.

Oh, and that reminds me... last week I met up with one of my beloved Bloggerinas... and when she saw my husband, she said, "OH, is that Superman?!" Hubby Dearest's chest puffed out a bit at that... Yep, husbands thrive on macho words directed at them.  :)

Watch those words build up or tear down... Read Ephesians 4:29. (I could type it here from memory, but it's good to search out the treasures in God's Word.)  :)


Stephanie said...

Your family pic is beautiful! I love your dress and you look beautiful in it!!

Blue Cotton Memory said...

You all look beautiful - even the guys! LOL - and that quilt is simply awesome! What a beautiful blessing - and how sweet it is that she reads your blog! My family really doesn't - but my almost 7th grader, well, he likes to read it - especially when it's about me trying to raise boys!:) Enjoy your rest. Hoping it is blessed!