Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bloggerinas --- HELLOOOOOO!!!!!

Gosh, is blogging like riding a bike? I mean, will I remember how to do it?!!!!

Bloggerinas.... Life is back to after-wedding normal, but I am not! NO WAY!

You know me... I love fun. I love making happy memories. I love my sweet daughter. I loved being MOB (I know, you are probably sticking your finger in your throat right now... sorry. lol)

Anyhoo... These random thoughts are the very best I can do in this still happy fog...

  • Did you know that though I'd fiercely dread the very long and scary flight, my heart loooooooooongs to go to Italy. For years. And years.
  • So... I make SugarPieFarmhouse Hillbilly Spaghetti and listen to a crazy, silly-head CD labeled Bella Luna that I purchased at Starbucks eons ago. Love it.....  But now....
  • ...being a HUMONGOUS American Idol fan (Scotty, I love you! Tis truer than true. He's cute and humble to the core. It's luscious. ON Tuesday nights, Superman says, "Your boyfriend is up next!"... and I say "Yay" and clap like I'm 12.  :)  I haven't cried yet, or fainted, but the season has two more nights lol.) {Oh, one night, lolololololooooo, Superman actually said, "You don't look at me like that!"  Bahahahhahahahahahhhaaaaa... "Uh, can you sing and wiggle your eyebrows?????!!!!"}
  • Okay, so... AI + Il Volo (did you hear them croon O Sole Mio??? Deeeeeeep heartfelt happy sigh (I am such a ROMANTIC) ..... so glad God gives voices that surely musts sound close to angels'.....) I'm in love all over again. Remember, Italy... me... and if those three will hop into my bicycle basket and sing to me as I pedal across Itay's cobblestones... Well, then I'd have been to the doorstep of heaven. (Is that sacrilegious???) {Sidenote... As I listen to the CD I immediately ordered from Amazon the second they stopped singing on American Idol, I am telling our romantic God that I take after Him, truly and wholly!}
  • So, if you are a romantic like me, the CD is right now selling for a very realistic price on Amazon (and, yay, they got it to me in 2 days!!!)

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Barbara said...

Glad you are back, and Hellooooooo