Sunday, April 10, 2011

Invite Someone Over!

Hey, do you remember old-fashioned fellowship? The kind where you invite someone over to your very own home for a freshly made sandwich or quiche? What about simple coffee with muffins? 

Most of us do not sit face-to-face anymore with our friends, we sit facing the computer screen and yak over Facebook. That's fun, too, but not the same.

The weather is so nice this time of year (depending on where you live), that it'd be a fun adventure to invite someone over and enjoy the warmth of sun and friendship!

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Anita Kehn said...

Face to face fellowship is the very best. You can see each others expressions, tears, smiles etc. We need to do so much more of this. Thank you for the reminder. Simple coffee and muffins sounds so delish with a heart sister.