Saturday, April 09, 2011

Here comes the bride...

It's getting closer!!!!! Amy and I go to her first fitting on the 18th and it will be soooo much fun! After her fitting, she has to do a job down there in Pasadena, so I will drop her and head to the happiest place on earth -- Disneyland! I love it getting my money's worth out of those passports! Amy's bridal shower is here next Saturday and i still have soooo much to do to ready the house. It's fun!!!! 

I am soaking up being Mother-of-the-Bride!!!!!  :)

How are you????


Kelli said...

Have fun! I've got at least 12 years before I even want to think about being the mother of the bride! Enjoy every minute of it. What a special time!

Smilie girl said...

Thank you for sharing your excitement. Have fun!