Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Fever

Ok, it's a whole year away, May 7, 2011, but stilll.... wedding fever has taken me over. So... come on... been the mother-of-the-bride recently? Send me tips, quips, stories, decoration ideas, etc. This will be a fabulous wedding held in our very own backyard (God blessed us with us nice one, and we've already had one here, yay).

I'm waaaaiiiiting.....  :)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I've got nothing... my kids are barely out of diapers. Ha! But, I LOVE that it is going to be in your backyard!

Mrs. NB

Natalie said...

If you want the name of my photographer let me know. I really liked the person who did my was inexpensive and yummy! :)
DO NOT USE DAVID'S BRIDAL!!! They WILL lose your dress, alter it incorrectly, and a lot of their staff are rude. This is based on several weddings that I was in.
I also can give you the florist that both Crystal and I used. LOVED her!! :) Just let me know! :)
I love you and happy planning! :)

Sandra said...

Have fun with the preparations!
Styles have already changed so much from our wedding 13 years ago. I think keep it simple, keep it fun is a good motto.

Pokey said...

Enjoy the plans, really. Lydia's wedding is Thanksgiving weekend of this year, Yikes (and some long laid in place plans are being altered, so I guess my advice is be flexible, and learn to not speak too fast...count, just like when they were little)
Does that make any sense?