Monday, July 30, 2007

Let Us Pray! :)

There's a gal I pray for, via almost-daily e-mails. This morning's prayer I read again and again, praying it for myself, too. So, I thought to myself, Self, why not put it on your blog, so that others could pray for themselves and their friends, too? And you can see that I did! :)

Dearest Father, our Almighty God, our Abba, who loves us to the utmost. For you, we offer this day. For every task, fill our hearts with joyful willingness. For every vexing, give us your patience and mercy. For all thoughts, let them be sweet and glorifying. Holy Spirit, check our thoughts today, and make us aware of the idle ones that slip in without our being aware, that are not pleasing to you or uplifting to our well-being. Turn our sighing into choices to sing. We'll need your help with that, for sure, 'cuz you know the pull to pout is ever present. Bring to mind those we can pray for, and along with that, let us know the exact thing to pray for those persons. I know this: praying for others derails our thoughts off our own self and stuff, so we want to be doing lots of that today. Let us serve you in that capacity. Teach us your will and direct our feet into it. This is a new week, a new, clean slate; let us do that which comes to mind, not putting it off or deferring it (as I read in Steams in the Desert today), so that we can lay our head peacefully upon our pillows and sleep soundly through the night, with no regrets, but only with that wonderful, calming sense of accomplishment. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' powerful name. Amen. xo

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