Tuesday, October 25, 2005

There really are such things as happy endings! Remember that plate fiasco I shared two days ago? Well, thanks to the grace of the Lord, the Ebay seller kindly agreed to fix it all, accepting my original offer and erasing my blunder. Oh, happy was I to finally get an email from her!

Two friends gave me the same counsel for this pickle I canned: Ask for forgiveness (for the lust of the flesh that waylaid me) and ask for grace ('cuz i needed it in that Ebay situation). For me, asking forgivness was easy, but asking for grace... when I didn't deserve it?... well, I was a bit more hesitant with that. Silly me! What is grace, after all, but God's undeserved favor?! And do I need that? Oh, yeah, Baby!

So, my big blunder was erased twice - once from the blood of the Lamb, and once from the gracious Seller. A happy ending, see? Happy are those whose God is the Lord!!! (Psalm 144:15)

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