Monday, October 31, 2005

Climb Every Mountain!

Okay, here's what happened... Lyn and I were movin' and a'groovin' on our 4-mile trek when she told me about an uphill climb she and her daughter used to attack. That did it! "Let's go!" I said. And Lyn, fit as an Olympic gymnast, didn't have to have her arm twisted. We turned around, walked the mile and a half back to my house, then drove to THE MOUNTAIN. Up and down we went, twice, Lyn always far ahead of me. It was great fun, and I dont' know when my lungs have been that worked up!

All total, my guess is that we walked 100 miles. Ok, maybe only six or seven. Still, I did it! I thought about the guys and gals on The Biggest Loser (my very favorite show): How do they RUN up those mountains??????? I think it's that whip their trainers snap on their legs; Just kidding! Maybe I need to buy Lyn one!

Anyhoo, what mountain have you been wanting to climb, lately? To lose 20 pounds? To get organized? Learn a new language? Open your Bible more than once a month? You can do it! Just put one foot in front of the other, choose a pace you can live with, and just climb every at a time! Good luck!

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