Friday, September 07, 2012

A Little FALL Coziness! :)

FALL spells coziness! 

 Spiced caramel lattes
 3/4-sleeved polka dotted sweaters
 Chatting with a friend over breakfast
 Maple syrup pools atop pumpkin pancakes
 and, oh, sooo much more! …

 … What does FALL spell to you? …

One of my fall favorites (out of ten billion) is

My mom used to make it all the time during holidays.
Hers was a little dry, but still yummy.

mine is not

Eons ago, I got this little book free from mailing in flour bags (empty, of course); it's so much FUN finding surprises in the mailbox!

                    Anyhoo, here's my beloved, splattered page, just 
in case you have a hankerin' for a taste of FALL coziness, too! 

hugs & kisses!

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