Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ever Felt Like This???

I have!!!

Julia Child said in her book My Life in France that  “But I was a pure romantic, and only operating with half my burners turned on.”   

Not having read the book (making a trip to the library today), I don't know the context of that quote, but....it's time to get the mental burners flaming again!

Warmer weather's going to help.

Exercise, too.

Hmmmm, trying a new recipe?

Buying a new apron?

Dancing around in sparkling silver heels?

Whatever it takes to get you back into living life to the fullest, give it a go!


1 comment:

Aliene said...

I sure need to get back to living.
Don't know which way to go, though.
Maybe a few walks and stationery bike
each day. Then go from there. Wow, how I hate to get started!