Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is Soooo Going on my Wall!

Ignoring the dishes is pretty much fun!

Except the afterwards is not.

Stuff dries on the dinner plate, droplets of escapees harden up on the counter, and the later it gets the tired-er you become.

Fiddley—dee! I’ll think of that later…  :)

Right now, while completely acting like I have a maid doing my chores, I am scrolling through my old bookmarks.

There’s a million of them!
And now I know why I kept them—SO DANG CUTE!

Don’t believe me, eh?

Well, go HERE, and see for yourself. I am most definitely making a huge ‘L’ for my sewing room.

Oh, yeah, baby!

I can feel a craft day coming on.  Hope you catch it!


1 comment:

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Are you on Pinterest? It's SO much easier to keep track of bookmarks, and see them at a glance. I've completed more crafts, recipes etc. because of it!