Tuesday, January 18, 2011

400th Post Surprise!!!

 This contest now closed.  :)

No pictures of them, but two quilts are sitting patiently in the quilter's workroom; I just dropped them off!!!! One of thOse quilts  - for a soldier -- has been in my sewing room for  5 years.


But not anymore!

You know how good it feels to finally get some projects almost completed!


Hope your projects are skedaddling out your sewing room, too!!!!  :)

But... just in case you are a glutton for punishment, as most of us quilters/sewers are... I have a SURPRISE!!! 

A GIVEAWAY!!! Now, here's the lowdown on it: Not all of the patterns are new, but they are all complete. Some are brand new, never been used, and some of the rulers still have the plastic wrap on them. These items were ones that I decided I could let go into someone else's grasp. This is what happens when you feel good about getting your sewing room back in order - you want someone else to feel good, too.  :)

So... surprise... I hope YOU win!!!
Here's the picture of what will be given away. The surprise will be if I decide to give all of it to one person, or two, or three, or....  Who knows??? Oh, and you know how I adore surprises. I just love, love, love them... so... I am adding one or two or three that I did not take pictures of... grin grin

If any of this needs to be in your hands, then me leave a COMMENT telling me why I should pick YOU above all others.  Then, come back on Saturday afternoon, this Sat, January 22nd, and see if you won! 

Easy peasy!



Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Well, I think you should pick me because I will be sharing the prize with some younger gals (one who is 12) who I am encouraging in their quilting adventures.

You are being very generous in your give-away!!

Dot said...

Oooohhhh, oh, oh, oh...I hate to push myself, but I could really use a wide-brimmed hat pattern. I can't be out in the sun anymore without being covered, so being able to make my own hats would be AWESOME! I didn't even know such things were available until I saw your pic...coolness!

Thanks for your generosity, and for your inspiration. I'm now going to quit my pity party, get off my duff, and get to work inside (yeah, yeah, out of the sun!) I'm going to get down to business in my sewing area and GET STUFF DONE! Thanks for the push. It was just what I needed!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a generous giveaway! I love your rulers and quilt patterns and books! I've never made anything by Abbey Lane, but they have adorable patterns. I am always looking for a new challenge and you have a wonderful selection to choose from :-) Thanks!

M. said...

This stuff really does need to be in my hands, as a matter of fact ;)Please pick me! Mona

Natalie said...

I think you should pick me because I am new at sewing and me and a group of my friends have "craft" days...kind of like a sewing circle, but we all get together and do different crafts, but most of us sew, so (hehe) its something that I can share with them! :)

Jansie said...

I think you need to pick me because I have yet to make even a lap quilt and I need the help!! Would love new patterns and books to practice my mad quilting skillz. Plus, I need rulers too. :) And is that Abbey Lane pattern for the thread catcher??? I have been coveting that pattern!!If it's not, that's okay too. ;) Thanks for the chance to plead my case!

Jen said...

Wow! 400 posts take a lot of dedication! Thank you! I think you should pick me because I'm such a poor sweet quilter with only 10 UFOs. And my 30th Birthday is on the 24th, and this would be a fabulous present! Thanks for all the encouragement!

Aliene said...

I love any scraps of material and ruler. I think you should pick me because it would make my day. I have never gotten a give a way.
Be an encourager and encourage me.

Barbara said...

Giggles will I think you should pick me, I love giveaways and never win, hugs and be great.Barbara