Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Like the Weather

Life can be just like the weather - with various seasons and day-to-day changing forecasts. Sometimes, like today, the sky is blue, the blossoms are boasting of their happy charm, and the birds are singing like they're auditioning for a role in Disney's Cinderella film. These are the days when we swing our arms, sing our songs, and make big plans.

Then, other days, the sky is overcast and gray. Dismal and not perky at all. These are the days of waiting and wailing. The moments in life when we want the trial over...quickly...and when, if it hangs around too long without any sunshine, we are tempted to just sit and be depressed. At times like these, all our big plans get a bit of a test, not to mention, our faith.

Still, then there are those tsunamis or earthquakes or tornadoes that catch you by surprise and upturn your whole life. Days like this shake our foundations. They let us see if we are standing on sifting sand or the sturdy Rock of Ages.

Myself, I prefer the sunshiny, warm days. The days where you just want to put out your arms and twirl around in circles, like when you were a carefree little girl. On second thought, all those sunny days do tend to make me spiritually lazy. I can see why we need all the other seasons, too.
But for today, I am happy it's nice outside. Mika and I had a great walk! There is a season for everything!!

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