Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Watch Those CHOICES!

Fall's happy greetings to you! Can you believe I actually forgot that I had a blog?! Good thing Amy and Noah bought me Nintendo's DS lite for my birthday. Now I can wake up my brain with Brain Academy and Brain Age 2 (still need to buy Brain Age 1; anticipating Brain Age 3).

Anyhoo, this morning I was reading in Genesis 16. I've begun reading through the Bible, and today I came upon Sarai, running madly to Abram with her request for him to go visit Ms. Maid Hagar for a little hoop-la, in hope-la of getting a son. She could've patiently waited for the Lord's promised son to arrive, but nope.... waiting is too hard.

So, for whatever reason, Abraham agreed. Perhaps he was in the mood for some sexual variety, or maybe he was sick of waiting, too. And what the heck, why not get a little hooky-la in the meantime? Not too many men would or could bypass such an incredible offer!

We see that Sarai chose not to wait on the Lord. And likewise, Abram chose not to wait on the Lord (or take the leadership role and encourage/admonish his beautiful wife to hold on to her hat, cuz surely God's promise, though sloooooooooow in coming, would come, nonetheless). And those hasty choices brought on lasting trouble (the Arab nations, Ishmael's descendants, still war with Israel, today).

How often we get ensnared in the waiting room! It's hard to wait. Yet, the consequences of NOT waiting - and taking matters into our own hands - are sure to deliver trouble. For ourselves and others.

So, next time you are in God's waiting room - watch those choices! They'll place blessings or cursings into your arms.
Psa 27:14 Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

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