Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rich in Jesus!

Do you ever have one nagging deficiency? Something that you wish was different in yourself? Or some thing you wish you had that you don't? I have plenty of them!

For instance, confidence. I desire to kick my insecurities out of my life forever, but each day, there they are. Could it be that God is letting it hang around for a reason? Perhaps to show me that He is my confidence, even when I haven't an ounce of that sparkling trait?

This particular lack shines its brightest when there's a social gathering. So, on the way to the party, I ask the Lord to get my focus off of me and onto others. I ask for the gift of gab. And guess what? He provides!

What I am learning is that my lack of confidence (or any other deficiency) is a handy tool for the Lord's skill to be displayed. It's amazing what He can do! So, let's let Him use our deficiencys to display His whole array of skill and splendor!

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